We will gladly give estimates on large projects.  Hotels, motels, offices, waiting rooms, restaurants, hospitals, etc.  The artwork and delivery can be included.  As with anything there is a wide range of quality and price in the framing industry.  We will work with you to reach a balance to fit your budget.  Please contact us for further details.
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Glass avalible

We will cut glass to your exact size.
Most of the time we will cut it while you wait so you can take it with you.  If you want us to install it into your frame you with have to leave it overnight and can pick it up the following day. 
We carry 5 types of glass and 4 types of plexiglass. 

Ultra-violet light filtering. 

We recommend using Ultra-violet light filtering glass for anything and everything you put into a picture frame.  UV light fades colors, makes brittle and yellows the materials that bear the artwork.  We call this, UV light filtering glass, conservation glass and put it on everything we do unless specifically ask not to.  This glass filters out 99% of the damaging UV light. 
Conservation clear , non-glare and Museum glass.

Conservation glass comes in three types.
Clear is the standard glass you see on most frames. This is our most popular glass. The image underneath is sharp but surface reflection could be a problem.
Non-glare reduces the surface reflection but has a subtle softening of the clarity.  This softening can be a desirable effect on certain images.
Museum glass is our highest quality glass.  It uses advanced anti-reflection technology to reduce the surface reflection with no adverse effect on the image.  It simply must be seen to turely appreciate it.
Clear and non-glare glass also comes without u-v filtering qualities.
Plexiglass is  also available in clear and non-glare with or with out u-v filtering. 
For more information on glass visit our suppliers web site at
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